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What Does YMB Include?

Monthly Video Masterminds

Join a group of fellow youth ministers led by one of our veteran ministry hosts. Be challenged to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Share, learn, and grow!

Weekly Coaching & Soul Care 

Sign up weekly and ask a pressing youth ministry question to one of our ministry experts. Find encouragement weekly! 

Monthly Practical Seminars 

Learn from some of the best and brightest voices in youth ministry today, covering topics like leadership, communication, organization, event planning, and more.

Quarterly Conferences Online

Come together with the whole community as we feature a guest speaker, author, or youth ministry professor sharing invaluable insight and wisdom. 

Exclusive Digital Platform  

Explore our integrated community platform with the most encouraging youth ministers around. Chat and collaborate! 

Grow + Booster =
Grow Your Leadership 

Our friends from Stuff You Can Use have curated the greatest curriculum in the history of youth ministry. 

We are proud to partner with them in fulfilling your curriculum needs.

Let Grow, grow your youth ministry, and let Booster, grow your leadership!

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